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the 'FAMOUS'



31 Brudenell Road

Leeds, LS6 1HA


Whether it's a celebration, birthday party or any other special events, we will help you to put the perfect party! Please feel free to bring your own bottle.

We take reservations everyday

Call 0113 274 4944


We are open

Monday to Sunday

from 9 am till 5pm

It isn't Leeds without a

Popina's Mega Breakfast

Based out in Hyde Park, Popina’s is regarded as a thing of iconic beauty amongst the city’s hungry student population. Serving throughout the day, whilst it’s lunches are also famed for its value and hunger-busting capabilities, everybody knows the true wonder of Popina’s comes in the form of their Mega Breakfast. We have cured many hangovers and are, on occasion, the only reason some people get out of bed on the weekend.


              Can you defeat


There is a difference between eating a big breakfast in morning and taking on this challenge. When you decide to do so you are not a diner, you are a competitor.

We are quite a happy place here at Popina's and the Mega Monster Challenge came about as fun. We decided to take it to a whole new level.  So why not give it a shot and become our CHAMPION?

If you manage to polish it off, you will be added to champions wall and get your money back.

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